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What the Health?

Let’s clear one thing up. No one is fatshaming. 

Fatshaming is bullying, I’m not a bully and I honestly believe telling people that they are unhealthy and should choose a healthier lifestyle is not something a “bully” would do. Neither is pointing out the fact that if you don’t eat right and exercise you may encounter serious health problems. I’m not saying this is easy to fix and I’m definitely not suggesting we adopt the Kardashian lifestyle of complete clean eating (Komplete Klean eating?) and gruelling workout sessions with our extremely overpriced and ridiculously toned personal trainer. But I think, if you have the chance to improve your health why not try?

 Cruelty Free campaigning from Lush
I suffer from a very rare condition resulting in muscle weakness where I struggle to write, often have difficulty walking “normally”, I can’t really run (you can forget about dancing!) and if I’m too tired I may slur a few words.
I can’t even paint my nails, instead I awkwardly stare at the ground and ask my flatmate to paint them for me. When going out all the other girls tower above me wearing heels while I stare enviously before looking down at my everyday footwear. On a night out when everyone’s living like there’s no tomorrow, I am preempting my every move so the bouncer doesn’t accuse me of being “too drunk”.

Now this post isn’t me complaining, I’ve been lucky enough to have a go at skiing; I had great times throwing shapes in zumba classes, dance classes, drama classes, even ice skating classes!!(God, I’m proud of that one!)

No, this isn’t me complaining about my circumstance at all. I’ve had my time to wallow in self pity. There are millions out there worse off than me; either disability wise, financially or that don’t have the support network that I am lucky enough to have.

With all that said, I'd like to think you can imagine how I, and many others who don't and most likely will never have the power to determine what happens to us health wise, feel when people scrutinise charities (of all things!) for bullying. If you begin an exercise and healthy eating regime and that weight still isn't shifting then you have my blessing to complain. Unless lush release an 'a la Kate Moss' style statement explicitly suggesting that "skinny is best" then please don't accuse them of fatshaming.

My point is, there are many out there like myself who most likely will never be able to change the end result, to opt for a lifestyle that may change our course of life. There is nothing that can change the fact that I can’t even sign my own name, that others have completely lost the ability to walk. No magic cure that’s going to allow a blind man to see his kids again or allow that woman in a wheelchair to walk her dog.

 People spend their whole lives in hospital, on the waiting list for months behind someone who could have chosen a different path. Behind someone who could get up and do something to improve their health. 

What I would give to be able to improve my quality of life. What wheelchair users would be willing to sacrifice to be able to walk again. What those who are blind would pay just to be given magical glasses that fixed everything.

So all I ask is that we face the reality, a fact is a fact, whether you like it or not. And remember not to take anything, including our health, for granted because it can so easily be taken away from us.


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